Django - the undocumented settings

Posted by Madis Väin on 14 Jun 2012. Django, python

There are some things that can make your work with Django more effective. Many of which are not in the documentation and you just figure them out once you are confronted with a problem. This series “Django - the undocumented” posts will highlight some of the tricks I have learned and used over the years.

Python web framework roundup

Posted by Madis Väin on 13 Feb 2012. framework, python

A lot of web frameworks have been built for Python. There are even tutorials around the web for rolling your own web framework in Python. That is because it’s really that easy. In the end this has led to a lot of great frameworks and a lot of bad ones also. So lets round them up and separate the wheat from the chaff.

Python giving Haskell a run for its money

Posted by Madis Väin on 11 Jan 2012. haskell, python

Everybody knows Haskell beats Python in speed - always. The main reason being is that Haskell is compiled but Python interpreted. There have been some general posts about this all around. But lets give it a fair trial before finding guilty - lets add PyPy to the mix.

SSH port forwarding for remote database administration

Posted by Madis Väin on 01 Dec 2011. administration, database

It’s not a good idea to set up a phpMyAdmin on your production server mainly because of security reasons. Also if you are running a python only web application then there is no reason to load any PHP modules - they’d just eat memory.

MySQLdb on OS X

Posted by Madis Väin on 01 Dec 2011. mysql, os x

Installing MySQL support for python on OS X has almost always been troublesome. Still seems to be so in Lion so I’ll just add some quick notes how to do it cleanly and painlessly.