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My name is Madis Väin and I'm a business software engineer.

I belive in creating business value with software solutions to add revenue and reduce costs.

If you'd like to discuss something over coffee then feel free to email me.


Here are some of my beliefs about what makes project successful.

Project management

Project management is a must. Think ahead, communicate and schedule your projects (preferably with Gantt charts). Documentation is as important for a project as an index is for an encyclopedia. You will get lost if you don't have one.

Design with diagrams (preferably UML) to understand where your headed.


Make them realistic but never be late after setting one.

Think big. Start small. Grow fast.

We all have crazy-big ideas but it's important to focus on the core idea and make it happen before adding any nifty features. Have a plan for growing fast because when growing happens you wont have time to plan.

Tools for the job

For any different task you'd need the right tools. So in time I have learned quite a few.



Python, Javascript, PHP, Java, Ruby
MooTools, jQuery

Web frameworks

Django, CakePHP, Symfony, node.js, Play framework, Ruby on Rails


Amazon Web Services - EC2, S3, SES, RDS, CloudFront CDN
Google App Engine - Datastore, Blobstore, Mail services
any other Dedicated or Virtual server - Linux or Unix based

Underlaying technologys:

Nginx, Apache, Gunicorn, HAProxy, memcache
MySQL, PostgreSQL, DataStore, MongoDB